English Language Programmes

English Language

Learn to speak English in New Zealand

  1. General English Course (Beginners) 12 weeks
  2. General English Course (Elementary) 12 weeks
  3. General English Course (Pre-Intermediate) 12 weeks
  4. General English Course (Intermediate) 12 weeks
  5. General English Course (Upper Intermediate) 12 weeks

Students will have the opportunity to develop English language skills at each level they enrol in, with a focus on the systems of English (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) and on the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). Emphasis will be on listening and speaking skills at each level.

Entry Requirements

Open to all international students who wish to develop their skills in English as a second language. On completion of their studies, students can enrol in the next level course, depending on their Visa.


English, Download PDF

Chinese, Download PDF

Japanese, Download PDF

German, Download PDF

Italian, Download PDF

Portugese, Download PDF

Spanish, Download PDF

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