Rural Animal Technician Strand

New Zealand Certificate in Animal Technology Rural Technician Strand Level 5 (Full time and Part time)

Strategic Purpose Statement

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare individuals as a rural animal technician by providing them with the skills, knowledge and attributes needed to help assist veterinarians in a rural veterinary practice.

This qualification is targeted at people with previous animal handling experience who wish to work in a veterinary related field or in a veterinary clinic with rural animals.

The animal industry will benefit by having graduates qualified with skills to allow them to be ready to work in a veterinary clinic or independently as a rural animal technician, under the direction of a veterinarian.

Graduate Profile

Graduates of this qualification will be able to:

  • Maintain the health and husbandry of animals in a rural environment
  • Perform technical tasks for the maintenance of animal health and welfare in the rural setting
  • Apply knowledge of pharmacology and current law, to dispense and administer animal remedies
  • Collect and/or test diagnostic samples and/or prepare samples for dispatch
  • Work in client business interface of animal related facility.

Education Pathways

This qualification may build on the New Zealand Certificate in Animal Management (Level 4) or the National Certificate in Education Achievement (Level 2) or the National Certificate in Education Achievement (Level 3).

Employment Pathway

Graduates of the rural animal technician strand will be able to assist a veterinarian in large animal or mixed practice and in the field or work independently as a rural animal technician.

International students must have studied and completed a qualification in agriculture, animal sciences, or equivalent, prior to enrolling in this course.

International students for whom English is a second language must attain an IELTS General or Academic score of 5.5 or equivalent with no band score lower than 5 or pass an internal test to assess their English proficiency level according to Rule 18 English language requirements for international students.

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