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Semillero Rural Scholarship "Chilean Agricultural Students"

Trading Principals

  • NTA has been training students for careers in landbased industries since January 2000.
  • This includes both domestic and International students.
  • NTA offers a high quality and personalised recruitment service via their dedicated employment consultant whose task is to place our trained students in suitable work, with good employers.
  • NTA Recruitment acts purely as a recruitment consultancy. All employment agreements are entered into between employers and students themselves.
  • We strive to operate with integrity.

Pilot Visa details:

  • The students will undertake 16 weeks of English language and Agriculture training and come from Agriculture schools in Chile.
  • The training is followed by 2 weeks unpaid work experience where students are orientated to the farm and farm policies and health and safety requirements are implemented.
  • During the 2 week work experience employers are expected to provide a food allowance of $150.00 per student for this period.
  • The students are able to work for 24 weeks but their visa is for an 11 month period only and they must return to Chile before their visa expires after 11 months.
  • There is no right to extend the work visa in New Zealand.
  • All international students are assisted to open a bank account and have an IRD Number.
  • All international students are orientated to NZ working conditions, culture and health & safety.
  • All students have a C.V. for perusal and where required an interview will be organised.
  • All students will have a qualification from their own country or will have completed an Agriculture course at NTA.
  • Joint commitments

    • We work closely with potential employers to ensure that their needs for staff are met.
    • We try to place students where they can continue to gain valuable experience and training to further their careers back in Chile.
    • We make every effort to try to match employers with our selection of students to ensure a good outcome, matching skills and knowledge and personalities.
    • We will always ensure that staff requirements are met, even if problems with a placement arise within the first 6 months of placing students with employers.
    • NTA will ensure that a suitable alternative work placement is arranged should a student request to be transferred.
    • We carry out regular contact with both employers and our students to ensure an ongoing positive outcome.
    • As these students are on a Study to Work Visa they have an automatic work right visa.
    • All students must have an employment agreement with the farmer, not with a third party.
    • Employers must abide by standard industry terms and conditions of employment and pay market rates.
    • NTA must ensure that students receive the full pay and conditions as outlined in the employment agreement.
    • NTA will ensure that all students are aware of their employment rights and their ability to utilise the NZ Employment Relations Framework, should they wish to do so.
    • NTA will monitor all participants and immediately advise the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment of any breaches of visa conditions, or employment related problems.
    • Should a problem occur on farm in respect to the student then the employer should contact the NTA recruitment consultant.


  • The charge for using our recruitment service for the Semmillero Rural Scholarship is $800 plus GST per student.
  • If employers require more than 1 student, then a discount rate may be negotiated.
  • Invoices will be created and sent by NTA.
  • Fees are payable on the 20th of the month following the invoice date, and will be created on confirmation of employment.

  • For further information contact
    Gerard Hansen Ph: (03) 360 2192
    Employment Consultant Cell: 021 770 132
    Email: recruitment@nta.co.nz

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