New Zealand Certificate in Primary Industry Skills in either Horticulture or Agriculture Level 2 (Full Time & Part Time)

Strategic Purpose Statement

This qualification is designed to deliver an insight into the world of Horticulture or Agriculture. It is a qualification with an emphasis on the general skills essential for people working in or wanting to work in the agriculture or horticulture industry. The aim of the qualification is to provide a sound basis for further education and training and will suit either school leavers and learners new to training.

This course offers students the opportunity to upskill in their current workplace, gain entry into either the horticulture or agriculture workforce or provide the knowledge and practical experience to create your own opportunities from home.

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Graduate Profile

Graduates of this qualification will be able to:

  • Carry out practical production tasks associated with an entry-level role in a primary industry context
  • Use safe work practises in a primary industry workplace
  • Base skills to build on higher-level qualifications

Education Pathways

This qualification is not a prerequisite for higher-level national certificates, however, the higher level certificates do build on the skills and knowledge recognised by this qualification. Learners may pathway to further study to achieve the following qualifications:

  • New Zealand Certificate in Agriculture (Farming Systems) Level 3
  • New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture (General) Level 3

Employment Pathway

Learners will benefit by gaining recognition of their skills and entry into a training pathway leading to a range of careers in the primary sector including but not limited to the following;

Pruner, harvester, packhouse hand, relief milker, junior farm assistant, turf labourer, orchard worker, vineyard hand, assistant gardener or nursery worker.

Graduates will be capable of working under supervision.

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Entry Criteria

An interest in Agriculture or Horticulture is preferred.

Contact us for eligibility criteria and course fees, if applicable. Programme approved for international students.

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