New Zealand Certificate in Primary Industry Skills in either Horticulture or Agriculture Level 2 (Full Time & Part Time)

Strategic Purpose Statement

The New Zealand Certificate in Primary Industry Skills (Agriculture) (Level 2)  is a qualification with an emphasis on the general skills essential for people already working in the agriculture industry that aren’t directly related to core livestock or arable farming or those people interested in a career in agriculture.  This qualification will suit either school leavers or learners new to training, who have yet to choose a specialisation in the agriculture sector.

The health and safety section includes the skills and knowledge associated with hazard identification, safety procedures, and safe work practices in a rural workplace.

The Practical Task electives section recognises a wide range of skills relevant to working in the agriculture industry that are not specific to livestock handling or arable farming while the Safe Work Practice electives has a focus on the knowledge and skills required for the safe operation of tractors and either motorbikes or quad bikes.

The Dairy, Sheep, and Cattle courses offer units relevant to these areas for learners with specific employment goals. 

People undertaking this qualification may be working in or seeking to work in a variety of agricultural sectors, and therefore the inclusion of generic farming standards recognises practical skills for both livestock and arable farming and provides the context in which assessment takes place on-farm.

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Graduate Profile

Graduates will have essential industry foundation skills which may include a range of general farm-based skills such as; Agri-vehicles, fencing; stock health and feeding; and farm safety. They will have the base skills to build on higher level qualifications.

Education Pathways

Students may progress from this qualification into the;

New Zealand Certificate in Primary Industry Operational Skills (level 3) with optional strands in Specialist Equipment, and Infrastructure 

New Zealand Certificate in Agriculture (level 3) with strands in Dairy Farming and Meat and/or Fibre Farming 

Or a range of primary sector qualifications at level 3 including – Agriculture, Apiculture, Equine & Racing, Horticulture & Viticulture, Pest control, Rural servicing, Seafood industry.

Employment Pathway

Learners will benefit by gaining recognition of their skills and entry into a training pathway leading to a range of careers in the primary sector including but not limited to the following;

Pruner, harvester, packhouse hand, relief milker, junior farm assistant, turf labourer, orchard worker, vineyard hand, assistant gardener or nursery worker.

Graduates will be capable of working under supervision.

Our Training Partner

NTA has a Training partnership under sub contract with Noaia Trust for this qualification.


Entry Criteria

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Domestic Students:

Students will meet the following entry requirements:

 Age:               Must be at least 16 years old or 15 years of age with a Ministry of Education early leaver exemption.

 Academic:       Open entry with an interest in agriculture.

 Physical:         Must have the physical capability to cope with the practical demands of the qualification.

International students:

Age:     Minimum age of 18 years old or turning 18 prior to the end of the programme.

Academic: Open entry with an agricultural background or an interest in agriculture in their own country

If English is not their first language, applicants must, prior to enrolment, sit an English language test to satisfy the Academy that the student can successfully complete the course.

In the event of the number of applicants exceeding the maximum number of students (14 students) on this course, students will at their request be:

  • waitlisted for the current course (should a pre-course withdrawal occur) and/or -
  • transferred to the list for the next available course or
  • withdrawn from the application process

 Qualification Sequence, Pre-& Co-requisites and Integrated Delivery

 There are no pre-requisites for this qualification, however, there may be unit standards that are chosen that have pre-requisites.

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